You ever experience those moments that take you back to childhood so quickly you have to pause and remind yourself you’re an adult now?

You know, those moments that still kind of embarrass you from time to time.

I’m gonna go ahead and apologize if you need a moment to recover.

Back in my early-ish teen years, I took guitar lessons from a thin, older woman who insisted on keeping the nails on her right hand longer in order to pluck the strings easier while the nails on her left were cut to the tip so they didn’t get in the way of her playing chords.

This woman was, if I remember correctly, my official introduction to hippy people. Plants all over the place inside her home. Musical instruments galore. Fun, comfortable clothing.

Pretty sure her name was Miss Brody. An interesting woman to be sure.

She had given my older brother guitar lessons before I came along with this interest and I think she hoped I would be as dedicated and talented as he had been. Still is, I should say.

But I don’t think Miss Brody was ready for me.

Sure, I had talent but not the discipline. I wanted to learn everything right then and there. I wanted to get good fast.

That’s not how skills like that happen.

They take time.

But my recently discovered ADHD mind didn’t like that, which meant I grew bored and eventually gave it up.

The reason I brought up embarrassing moments in the beginning was because the moment I was referring to happened with Miss Brody.

One of the last lessons I had with her ended as soon as I walked in. My mom dropped me off and Miss Brody asked if I had practiced the past week. Since I’m terrible at lying, I told her I hadn’t.

I had to sit on her front couch while she tried to call my mom when she got back home to come back to pick me up. (This was before cell phones were really a thing.)

I wasn’t ready for a new lesson because I hadn’t practiced the week leading up.

Cool Story, Bro

Stressed woman lying on a bed with her hands over her face.

I’m sharing this story because this is the same embarrassed feeling I have right now.

This whole week I couldn’t pin down a topic to talk about. There’s so much going on in my head right now that it’s hard to focus.

I have a list to work with but almost all of them need photo references that I need to get beforehand–which means I’ll be busy this weekend!

Ideas like showing you all my Bug-Out Bag or my gardening plans for this Spring or First Aid essentials.

I wasn’t sure what to share but something needed to be posted.

I thought about taking the week off but that felt like cheating.

What’s most embarrassing is that I talk about preparedness yet I was not prepared for this week’s blog.

So instead, you got to read one of the many awkward childhood moments I hold within my mind rent free.

But what frustrates me most about this memory is that I regret giving up learning to play the guitar. I regret getting bored and not trying to venture out on my own.

Sure, I can still pick up a guitar and remember a few chords, but imagine if I hadn’t stopped the lessons. I’d be more advanced by now.

That’s how I’ve been trying to live my life since. Trying to stick with whatever new thing I want to learn until I get it. Until I’m good, even if I have to teach myself.

Lessons Learned

So this week, I have reminded myself to stick with what I’ve started. Even on the difficult weeks when my brain won’t focus or a topic doesn’t peak my interest.

Discipline comes with time and practice.

Just like prepping is a discipline.

Oh…see what I did there?

There will come times when preparing for the future will be boring or frustrating or down-right bland. But we learn to stick with it, no matter how we feel.

Bad times will come along even if we’re not ready.

Good news, though: you have time to be ready and that time is now!

So let’s get out there and encourage one another!

You’re not alone on the hard days.

Next week, I’ll be better prepared. Hopefully with fun photos to share too!

Until next time,
Happy Prepping!