If you’ve read any dystopian novels, the main character of the story most likely will end up as part of a team in some way. Whether they create the team themselves or stumble upon one.

The same thing happens in movies and shows. The Walking Dead, Bird Box, The Hunger Games–just to name a few.

Teams are important to have when things get haywire. You know there will always be someone else to watch your back or have strengths and knowledge you don’t have yourself.

But what I want to address this week is having your team ready before SHTF. 
(If you don’t know what the acronym stands for, I placed the meaning at the bottom.)

Wait…where’s my team??

Couple consulting a map while hiking

For years, I’ve joked with some friends that we should start our own homesteading community on a large plot of land with sections carved out for each one of us. Using our strengths and knowledge to create the most legendary community!

If any of us got married in the future, our husbands could join us and our community would grow over the years. 

Still sounds like a great plan to me! We’d be like a small village working with each other mostly off the grid.

Now, I realize this sounds close to the plot of The Village movie. Or a commune if we’re honest.

But if done properly, there won’t be any weird kool-aid being passed around.

So who’s on your team if SHTF?

For me, my family is automatically on my team. I trust them. I would hope to connect with them all if everything dropped out beneath us and I had to drive all the way back to Texas.

But if I really get down to the nitty gritty, I realize that my siblings are all married with kids (one on the way), so they are their own teams. They’ll be looking out for their small groups.

Plus, we haven’t had the discussion of what to actually do if SHTF.

So I realize my Mom is my team. We single ladies gotta stick together! She and I have actually discussed where we would meet up and what we’d do, though not in great detail.

But here’s the problem, she’s in Texas and I’m way up here in midwest nation.

And the friends I talked about are all over the place with their own plans.

So in reality, I actually don’t have a team.

Then why are you going on about them??

Because I know their importance! And now that I realize the situation I’m in, I can fix it.

I’ve been in the solo prepper mindset with an idea of what team I would need for so many years that I hadn’t really taken the time to actually put one together.

Where to Start

First off, go ahead and start with your family. Whether they’re all married or spread across the nation. Have that discussion of what their plans would be.

Now, I understand some family members will probably laugh off the idea of the economy collapsing or another war starting up, but with everything that’s been happening the past few weeks, now would be a great time to talk about a plan!

Even if you can’t get it all sorted out in the first “meeting,” get some idea of where your family members stand.

Then in your area, start talking with some friends. If you’ve already been prepping for a while, chances are this topic may have come up in the past so I’ll bet a few names have already entered your mind. Talk with them!

Because I live in Ohio now, I need to look to those closest to my area in case I need to Bug In until I’m able to Bug Out to check on my family in Texas or have a way to contact them.

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend at work and he was quizzing me about a gun we were printing on a shirt. I honestly couldn’t tell what it was and he went all nerd explaining the weapon to me. I jokingly told him, “That’s why you’re the weapons expert on my team.”

But in all seriousness, I should consider him as the actual Weapons Expert for my team. This man collects guns like I collect knives and he would be a great ally to have when SHTF.

There are others I can talk with. Some I haven’t learned what their strengths would be but now is a good time to find out.

Examples of Team Members

  • Weapons Expert: You would rather have this person on your team than looting your stock!
  • Medic: Accidents happen all the time, especially if kids are in your group. If SHTF there is no guarantee hospitals will be available for minor things so make sure you have someone who has medical knowledge!
  • Craftsman: This person could be a carpenter, plumber, electrician, welder, mechanic. Doesn’t matter as long as they like working on things to keep them running. A huge benefit would be if they have some building knowledge and can fix machinery like generators if you have one.
  • Cook: Gotta make those meals amazing somehow!
  • Agriculture: Your team can’t live on packaged meals or MREs. A garden would benefit your team in the long run. If one of your team members already has a garden in the works, volunteer to help them with it!
  • Raising animals: This goes hand-in-hand with agriculture. Not everyone can survive on just vegetables and fruit so find someone who has experience raising animals of all kinds for food purposes. A bonus would be if they’re also able to slaughter and preserve their own animals as well.
  • Hunting: If you can find someone who both raises their own meat and hunts it, you’ve got a great member for your team. Make sure you keep them around!
Close up of young people putting their hands together. Team with stack of hands showing unity and teamwork.

Now these titles don’t have to only apply for one person each. Many people have all kinds of various bits of knowledge in each one of these categories. The idea is to assign one for each person to focus on so you have an “expert.”

For example, I have a friend who is now a chef but she’s also a black belt with weapons training. I wouldn’t dream of only sticking her with the job of cooking when she enjoys training with various kinds of weapons. 

And my other friend whom I would label as the Weapons Expert also has veterinary experience. He would fit the medic category.

What I’m saying is don’t put your team members in single boxes. What you want to look for are those you can truly trust with your life if it came down to the wire.

Also, your team members should get along!

Can you imagine if SHTF and you all gather to survive together but strife breaks out almost immediately?

Goodness, it would be like climbing out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Introduce your team members to one another with a get together of some kind (after you’ve already talked with them about putting a team together that is).

You can also try team exercises to determine each other’s strengths and weakness. Some ideas include:

  • Camping trip
  • Obstacle course
  • Wilderness and/or survival course of some kind
  • Escape room

Holla at ya tribe!

Now, I understand things happen and people move on with their lives for various reasons, but go ahead and start your potential list of team members!

Start up conversations with them to get the ball rolling. You need to find out where they stand on prepping and being a part of a team.

I’ve learned that I can’t go solo in my own planning. A team is much safer when crap happens than wandering about alone. 

Besides, who really wants to be a lone wolf when even wolves live together in packs?

Think about it and start those conversations!

Until next time, Happy Prepping!

SHTF: S*** Hits The Fan