EDC means Every Day Carry. 

Here is a term that makes me feel rather cool when used in conversations but also prepared for everyday situations. 

An EDC doesn’t have to be elaborate. Think over how you spend your days throughout the week. Do you keep anything specific on hand at all times or close by? Things like chapstick, a notepad, or hand sanitizer.

What you need on a daily basis can depend on the type of work you do, places you go, or people you interact with. But your basic everyday needs become your EDC.

Hand holding watch, pen, pocket knife, chapstick, and headphones

What’s in my EDC?

Every morning, I place these objects on my person: chapstick, a Kershaw pocket knife, headphones, tactical pen, and watch.

These are my everyday carry objects. My day does not operate properly without them.

Now, my EDC can get bigger if someone looks in my backpack or purse. 

I always need: 

  • Notebook of some kind
  • Mini first aid kit (because I’m prone to accidents)
  • Lighter
  • Flashlight
  • Sunglasses
  • Multi-Tool
  • Stevia (because most restaurants don’t offer this sugar replacement)
  • Ginger candies
  • Electrolyte powder mixes

In case you’re curious, a watch does count as part of your EDC even though it can be considered an “accessory”. Yes, there’s a clock on your phone but an analogue watch has more uses for peppers than you may realize. I will touch on this subject in a later blog. For now, I suggest looking into analogue watches that don’t need to be charged or leave a digital footprint. Casio is a great brand in my opinion. I bought my watch before leaving to work on a ranch for five months in Idaho back in 2020 and haven’t had any issues with it since.

What’s in your EDC?

By now, you’re most likely thinking through what’s in your pockets or what you absolutely need in your purse or bag every day. An EDC is the easiest place to start in the prepper world because you should already be carrying around these important items.

If necessary, create a list and see if anything might be missing. Anything you find yourself looking for on a regular basis and repeatedly forgetting to grab from home. I’m guilty of this too so you’re not alone. That’s why lists exist.

Many EDC’s online can be elaborate. I’ve found a few images for reference so you can see the variety. But remember: you don’t need to carry your entire life in your pockets at all times. This is why purses are so handy! 

Anything more than this is when a Get Home Bag comes into play. A Get Home Bag is a small kit who’s only job is to get you home. I’ll be sharing what mine looks like in a later blog. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss new posts!

If you’re good to go on your EDC but you still need a place to start in your prepper journey, go ahead and answer the questions in my first blog. We all need to start somewhere.

Until then, happy prepping!