As you know, I was able to spend two weeks back home in Texas with my family recently. Which was exactly what I needed. 

Don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy living Ohio and I can’t imagine moving again for the time being, but I’m used to family being within a two hour drive.
Side note: after living in Texas the majority of my life, I can’t help but laugh when friends here complain about driving more than an hour to go somewhere. I get that Ohio is smaller but if you want to get anywhere in Texas, it’s most likely an hour drive if not more.

Needless to say, I was homesick and needed all of that family time.

But now that I’m back in Ohio, the schedule resumes!

So this week, I want to share a few of my personal travel hacks that I’ve adopted over the years. 

Gloves on My Feets

Showing off my toe socks.

My absolutely favorite hack has been to wear toe socks with my Chacos!

I came up with this idea back in 2019 when I went to Spain for a missions trip. I knew I wouldn’t need actual shoes there with the summer weather so all I really needed were sandals. And ones that actually have proper support.

But airport security! Okay, I’m not a full-blown germaphobe but knowing that hundreds–if not thousands–of people go through airport security on a daily basis, I am not about to walk on that floor barefoot! It’s like walking into a gas station bathroom barefoot. No, thank you, people!

So I bought a pair of Injinji toe socks. They’re great to have for hiking as well so they were a multiple purpose purchase.

Now, I know I look a bit ridiculous but I honestly don’t care. I’m at an airport with hundreds of other people more concerned with making their flights. 

The funniest moment though, was when my flight landed in Houston for an hour layover before continuing on to Dallas. The guy flight attendant looked down at my feet and proclaimed, “You look like you have fingers on your feet!”

Ha! Yeah, it’s weird but functional because I knew my destination would be experiencing 100 degree weather and I was ready for it!

Pack Less, Reduce Stress

This sounds like a no-brainer but it’s a helpful reminder!

Bathroom selfie at the airport.

This also ties in with the past hack: wear the things. 

I knew I would only need my Chacos in Texas so I didn’t have to worry about packing other shoes.

But I needed my hat just in case as well so that was worn instead of packed away. A carabiner on my backpack held it for the times I didn’t want to wear it.

Somehow, I managed to fit everything I needed into this tiny carry-on and my day hiking pack. Besides what I wore on my person in the airport. 

What helped was knowing my destination.

I knew I would be staying the majority of my time at my mom’s house. I packed less because there would be laundry facilities at hand. 

Also, the Texas heat. I lived in tanks and shorts! Which meant smaller articles of clothing.

I kept my liquid toiletries at the top of my backpack for easy retrieval when going through security. Although, the security when leaving Ohio this time around threw me off because I was told to keep my laptop and toiletries in my bags instead of placing them in a separate bin. 

A good surprise of course! But a rule of thumb is to make sure the items most likely to be removed when going through security should always be within easy reach. Going through security takes longer than anyone likes already. Don’t add to the wait time!

It’s not a Real Lie

The last hack is one I recently heard from a female solo van traveller: Wear a fake ring.

I bought a cheap set of silicone rings from Walmart and tried this idea out for the first time. As someone who doesn’t wear jewelry the majority of the time, this was more comfortable to wear than I thought it would be.

Although I don’t get that kind of attention on a normal day, I still like to practice anything that helps deter unwanted conversations. Especially while traveling as a single woman.

This hack will be useful for road trips for sure. Most people in airports are more concerned with getting from point A to point B on time. I may not have needed to try the fake ring out this time around but it’ll be good practice for trips to come.

What About You?

Do you have any go-to travel hacks that you’ve come up with or learned over the years?

I’d love to hear about them!

You’re welcome to comment or send me an email. I may make a list of travel hacks in the future so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it!

Until next time, friends, Happy Prepping!