Happy February, friends!

As you most likely know–if you’re not living in tropical parts of the world (so jelly)–winter has graced us with her fair self!
Yes, we know.

Because of this, I’d ike to share a random fact with you… Winter is my least favorite time of the year.

Yes, I said it. I don’t like the cold.

But in all fairness I was born in the summer and I grew up in Texas. The heat is my jam!

Sun bathing, saunas, summer swim days.

You name it, I love everything about the summer. Even getting sunburned to a point. My family has been blessed with skin that turns tan despite getting “burned.” Don’t be too jelly.

Alas, I live in a northern state now! How crazy am I?

That’s a rhetorical question. I know how crazy I am, thank you.

So this week, I want to share with you what I learned last winter in order to be better prepared for this year’s cold spell.

Stock Up

Full pantry

I understand “stocking up” is basically the prepper’s mantra but really, stock up while you can!

No matter where you live, if a storm is threatening to show up, people will be flocking to the grocery store to get what they can get their hands on.

Personally, I try to avoid stores that are cram-packed with people, which is why I like getting things ahead of time.

This year, one random item I stocked up on was saltine crackers.

Yeah. Crackers.

Last winter, the cracker shelves were empty for about three months.

So when I say “stock up,” I mostly mean on the items you wouldn’t think about because they’re such a staple in your everyday life. 
Although, I have recently discovered that saltine crackers aren’t a staple for everyone as they are for my family.

So go through your pantry and make a list. You may not get snowed in like we could here in Ohio, but it’s always better to be prepared no matter the season.

Get that extra bundle of water in case the pipes freeze.

Grab those couple extra cans of soup.

Get another small can of fuel in case the electricity goes out and your stove no longer works.

If you’re already stocking up on what you normally have on hand, now is the time to get those other random items.

Stay Warm

Snowy neighborhood

In my blog on Vehicle Emergency Kits, I mentioned that I always keep two blankets and coveralls in my vehicle. Mostly in case I need to work on the truck and I don’t want to get my clothes dirty.

But also to keep warm if I ever needed to walk home if my vehicle broke down.

Last winter, I wore my coveralls almost every day because I had yet to acclimate myself to the cold weather here and also because I didn’t get off work until 1:00 in the morning. Talk about cold while waiting on your truck to warm up!

There are a variety of other items you should have in your vehicle for the winter. 

  • Cat Litter: for traction in case you get stuck (sand or road salt as alternatives)
  • Ice Scraper: get the good one!
  • Extra Winter Clothes: like gloves, socks, and a hat
  • Hand and/or Feet Warmers: the rechargeable kind look nice to have as well

 Speaking of vehicles: make sure your gas tank never gets below the quarter left mark and have your fluids checked out.

When I came back from visiting my family this past Christmas, the heat in my truck decided to stop working. I had it fixed just before this wave of cold so please, get the coolant topped off!

Watch Yourself

Woman drinking tea with a kindle and candle on the table beside her.

Last but definitely not least, prepare yourself.

Christmas is over and New Year’s flew by, but the lights can stay up. This gray season doesn’t have to overtake you.

I’ve become a collector of fairy lights this season. I hang them along the mantle, stuff them in bottles, string them around my desk at work. 

They spark joy in me.

My roommate has one of those lamps that resemble sunlight which helps on those dreary days.

Do whatever you can to help your mental health this season. Even if that means buying a few extra books on your wish list.

And also look out for your physical health.

Your immunity needs an extra helping hand during the winter months. Stock up on some Emergen C and Hydration Packets to help your water intake. 

During the winter, I take cayenne capsules to help keep my body a little warmer. Yes, I understand that may sound strange but they work. 

I also grab a few extra bags of cough drops and some immunity boosters for those moments I feel a cold threatening me.

Stay Safe

To sum up, please stay safe this season, friends.

I understand everyone deals with winter differently but that shouldn’t stop us from preparing ahead of time. 

Whether your area gets snow or not, this season can still be a fun time if we make it so.

Having the extra food and items on hand for any winter emergency can help our mental state-of-mind, and also allows us more time to slow down and enjoy the quiet of this season.

With that, I hope your winter is going well so far.

Until next week, Happy Prepping!